Terms Of Service™



It’s an Abnormal nomenclature if we don’t have our business’s “Terms of service” and Regulations Guiding our Business Reputation. 

Therefore, below are how or what you should consider and abide by before using our platform.

There’s no limitation in partnering with us. Irrespective of Gender, Skin colour, Tribe,Country or Age. For the fact you can read and Understand and you can Operate a smart phone or personal Computer  (PC) , You really wanna partner with us, Means you’re good to proceed registration sign up.

Having or creating more than one account is not acceptable, if we happens to detect you, we will ban and delete your account with no notice.

Use of Robots or deceitful systems are bad, we hate it and we don’t tolerate it. Make sure you’re not a victim of it.

We have only one official email which is [email protected] where you can address your questions or issues to. You can also contact our Official customer Care Support on WhatsApp.

We detects spam alot, If you’re being caught trying to manipulate a User’s account we take rapid responses on each.

We reserves the right to make slight changes on our platform for enhancement. And we urge you to follow us on our available business Social media platforms for regular  updates….

Also wishes to tell you that, if you’re Expecting to be paid on This platform, while you do no work or what you’re required to do,Then you are wrong. Roladel is NEVER a platform  that gives you free Money for nothing. If You Can’t Refer Your Friends to Our platform, Then You Make Post Submission for us, And if you can’t Post, there are Other minor activities You could do and Earn.   If you know you will be of Negatives  or Lazy,  kindly don’t intend accessing our Registration form.

Roladel deals with Serious minds and not fake minds, you know?

Once you abide by the above rules and registrations of our business’s use and terms , then you’re good to proceed registratio

Mode of Withdrawals/Payments

Our non referral earnings (ROI) withdrawals are made on a monthly basis, while that of Referral earning (RAI) withdrawals are made on a daily basis…..

Meanwhile, we Currently  pay from 30% of non referral earnings to 100% and you must fill ROI withdrawal form , submit your valid account details, share our daily sponsored adverts and tweet advert, Accrue minimum Withdrawal amount,  and avoid multiple withdrawals at a time  to enable you get paid. While referral earnings (RAI) are fully paid 100% within 24 hours of  filling  RAI withdrawal form and  submit your valid account details as well, we would not be held Responsible for your mistakes.

We’re Straight forward, Transparent, Standard and Honest in our dealings..

Wanting every member of our platform to be a beneficiary in one way or the other. Our services and mode of operation should entice and enable you to partner with us. We believe you’re Okay with this Services, And Promises to Enhance as days goes on.

We therefore Advice/Urge  you to, Review, Understand and Accept our Company’s terms and conditions (Policy) before undergoing a registration sign up on our platform. You can also get in touch if you have any Issues.

Thank You for Understanding!