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Below, I’ll Tell Us What And How To Carry Out Activities On The Site..

•After reading the post below you won’t have to ask too much Questions based on how to Operate on the site…
Now here is the details;

•As we all know that ROLADEL Platform is very legitimate and Awesome, It’s a pleasure  to tell you that you’re Welcomed once more..
Your Activeness is valued and recognised.

•Just when your registration is being Finalized either by you or your upline… kindly Visit  “loginpage” and log in with your correct Registered Username and password. In case You forget your password kindly Use our “forgot password” option and get your password  reset.

•  Once  you’re on your account dashboard database,  scroll down a little, You will see option titled “Marketing” Click on it to generate your referral link or You Scroll down to see it.  Use the link to refer your friends and get Referral Bonuses. Make sure your referral link was used by your downline otherwise you stand a risk of loosing your referral bonus.

•As you all know that posting a non plagiarism articles on our site is a way to earn higher. So if you’re logged in to your account database, kindly Go to Menu options on the site, scroll down a little, you will see  “Submit” Option, Kindly  Use the “Submit Advert” Option and post your articles . Make sure Your post is up to 200 words counts and not copied so it will be approved by our system  and You  earn.

•Sharing of Sponsored Advert is easy to share, Just go to Site’s menu Select Sponsored advert and follow the Stipulated Instructions on the Scene.Same as “Tweet Advert”

•Try to make good comments based on articles read, And you must be logged in before making any Comment in other to enable you to earn for it.

•Remember We pay Referrals daily with a minimum of N2,800 which is equivalent to 2 Referrals and non referrals monthly. Just when you’re due for withdrawals, kindly go to your account dashboard page and use the “Withdrawal” option as Stated.

•You can edit your account anytime you wish and make Some Changes.

•You can always Contact an Admin of this site or Use Our “Contact Us” Option  if you have any issues and also Don’t forget to keep your account safe. Neither should you disclose your password to anyone.


Roladel Post/Articles Reviews And Acceptability.


Welcome to Roladel talent world. Lots of People have been asking Roladel’s Post’s Acceptability , Types, And Approval qualifications.

Today I’m going to tell us the type of post we approve or accept on Roladel.

Read Through👇🏻

As we know that Roladel platform is not Plagiarism (Copying), Tolerance. so I’ll list Our post’s Acceptability and it’s Approvals below;

We don’t accept Plagiarism post Contents.

Roladel is against it When people Copy posts from else where and post it on their Platform. They Really don’t accept that, But Even if you tend to Copy , try to make some Changes in Your Posts contents before posting.

Now below are more Insights on the kind Post /Article you should make ;

Post Readiness;

you should at least Read a Post elsewhere, Understand it and use your words for the post, also input some additional Informations formed by you.

Post Virtuality;

You should let your
post be more Virtual,Real and Truthful to enable Readers to believe.

Post Arrangements ;

Your Post Should be Well Arranged, Punctuated and Organized  accordingly.

Not attaching Featured Imagines On Posts;

Always Try to attach Related Featured Images on your post’s Contents as it’s very Recommended and mandaory in your Individual Posts. if Image wasn’t found on your Post Contents it won’t be Approved.

Post Not up to Required Words;

If your Articles ain’t up to 200 words least or more , it won’t be Justified. We therefore encourage you Not to let your post be less than 200 words.  Always Cross-check Your posts contents before posting.


Thank you for Reading!
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