This an extraordinary excellent feature on ROLADEL meant for all members, both Referrals and non Referral earners as a result of their online activities on ROLADEL, the process is easy and
Swift. Taking information and making income on Roladel is Awesome..This an awesome part of ROLADEL and makes best and Preferable as no other African Affiliate website Could offer this feature.

• How To Register Someone With ROI Earnings.

NOTE: No Referral Bonus!

Visit our Website:

Step 1.

Use our “Register without coupon” Option on the site to register your prospects.

Step 2.

Forward the registration details to this email address [email protected] for activation. Your mail subject must be Account Activation.

Step 3.

The Email you used to send your prospect’s details must Synchronise with the one you used for your registration Personal Account.Else Your Account Activation Request would be Rejected. A 10,000ROI pts Would be Deducted Immediately your Request gets Granted. You can always use this feature as long as you Want. As you all know the revenue cannot reach all members, so we are doing this because we Care for your interest alot….And With this Feature,you wouldn’t have to wait till ROI day to withdraw. More features Coming up in the Future…
Stay with Roladel and Enjoy The Everlasting Benefits..


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