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How To Earn On Roladel Talent World? 

After being a registered member on ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD and activated your account with coupon code gotten from one of our Authorized merchants ,Either after making your one  time registration payment of  ₦2,200  you earn as follows;

1. After registration you earn 1,000ROI pts welcome bonus for joining our platform Newly.

2.Sharing of Daily Sponsored Advert and Daily log in to your Roladel talent world account database earns you 110ROI pts.

3. Posting a well written forum/Articles or News topic to our site earns you  100ROI pts each approved one.

4.Each constructive comment you drop on the site based on article read, earns you 10ROI pts. A user is Expected to drop a comment per each post.

5. You earn Instant ₦1,400  when Someone gets   Registered using your Unique referral link on our platform . (Strictly not compulsory).