Importance of used tea bags

Here are the why you should use the teabags in the garde instead of throwing then away

Worms eat tea leaves

Worms can surely eat tea leavs. When they process the leaves they create a more “supplement rich yield,” making your oil more benefial for developing plans.

Teabags help with water retention

Bury your tea saks close to the roots of your plantsbto help from hold more water and remain much healthier.

The bags decomposed

Most British tea packs are produced using the relative of the abaca leaf stalks. The bag itself will seperate and the small amount of plastic theybuse to seal the teabags vanishes in about 6 months.

Teabags keep bugs under control

Used tea bags and coffee beans will help keep bugs far from your plants. The scent prevents them.

Teabags help keep weeds under control

When you cover your teabags in the garden, they can help with obstructing the development of weeds.

Tea adds supplements to the soil

Tea leaves contain tannic acid and supplements that are natural fertilizers for your garden. As the tea leaves break down, they discharge supplements into the soil, making a more advantageous, growing condition.

The smell works on cats and other pets

Sprinkle coffee bean or utilized tea grounds around your garden to prevent the pets from urinating on your plants. You can do this with your indoor plants also.



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