ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD, The No.1 Legitimate, Easiest and fastest online paying platform that pays it’s members for performing simple specified activities and promoting the program.

ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD is an online earning platform that pays it’s member for promoting their God’s giving skills, visiting the site everyday, posting creative works, posting non plagiarism articles, like stories, Motivational and Relationship articles etc. Sharing sponsored Adverts and referring others into the program. The name “ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD” Means we basically help you to achieve your dream goals in all ways we could .

Who Can Participate And Why you Should Consider Joining Roladel Talent World?

As long as you can operate a Smart phone or personal computer ( laptop) and can browse the internet. Knowing that you make daily expenses, you also need daily income to balance the equilibrium. You can as well take part on ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD. We offers equal earning opportunity for all, be you a student,part-time/full-time salary worker, unemployed or self-employed, job seeker, fresh Graduate, stay-at-home-moms and anyone who wishes to make money online.

If you are a student, ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD is a platform that could exploit and make consistent 6 figures income because there are students like you in the campus and hostels who are Really looking for what to do to keep-up Financially and you introducing the platform to them earns you High commission money.

These days, industries and Companies no longer have interest in hiring full time salary earners and they better prefer part timers, Therefore taking advantage of ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD is the wisest decision as that opens you a stream of income or multiple income streams.

ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD’s valid and eligible members are those active users that have successfully registered and have paid one time registration fee to join the platform. Foreigners can also join our business platform, and they pay for their membership ($7) through Bitcoin or PayPal method and they also get paid too.

How To Earn On Roladel Talent World? 

After being a registered member on ROLADEL TALENT-WORLD and activated your account with coupon code gotten from one of our Authorized merchants ,Either after making your one  time registration payment of  ₦1900  you earn as follows

1. After registration you earn ₦700 as welcome bonus for joining our platform Newly.

2. Daily login to your Roladel talent world account database earns you ₦70.

3. Posting a well written forum/Articles topic to our site earns you ₦120 per each article.

4. Each constructive comment you drop on the site based on article read, earns you ₦5

5. When you share our Daily sponsored Advert on your Facebook timeline earns you ₦70.

6. Also share  ROLADEL tweet advert earns you another ₦70.

7. When someone clicks your referral link and visit site  you earns ₦15. (even without register)

8. You earn ₦1,400 when you Register Someone using your referral link on our platform . (Strictly not compulsory).

It’s Not Only This! We Have Many Beneficial Offers To Our Registered Members For Trusting And Believing In Us.

 •>>We teaches  how to create animation videos Using a Smart phone or Laptop.

•>>We teaches how to tattoo pictures using a smartphone or laptop .

•>>We teaches  how to create a blog using a smartphone or laptop.

•>>We help you to promote (Ads) your God’s give talent /business as the case may be.

Every Tutorials are being carried out on our VIP Telegram Group.

More beneficial earning features Coming up in the future! Stay with us and Enjoy the benefits.

How to register?

To register on our platform, you need to make a one time registration payment of ₦1900, yes it’s a one time payment  there is no other hidden charges, no upgrade, no renewal. It’s only a one time payment, You will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees after that.

For registration Click here to purchase registration coupon code from one of our authorized distributors and go to REGISTER NOW to fill your sign up details  and apply the code to activate your account.

For inquiries ? KINDLY email us on 

[email protected]

Thank you for your time Spent here, and we will be glad if you partner with us Today!