What Is roladel talent world ?

Roladel talent world is a reputable and legitimate network affiliate marketing business, created and established in Nigeria, partners with other countries with a due aim of alleviating poverty and creating financial freedom to whom it may concern and to who may take an Advantage of the opportunity.I

Is Roladel talent world legitimate and who is the  founders(s)?

Roladel was founded and created by Smart and Reputable Nigerian blogger(s) named NWAKPA EMMANUEL C. (Surezkid) and his partner MAC-CHARLES ONUIGBO (Prince) With other unlisted co-founders.
Established on 25th March 2020.
Roladel talent world is very legitimate and NEVER a Scam.

Is recruiting (Referring) people into the business compulsory  before I get paid?

NO! Referring people to our business platform is strictly not compulsory. Meanwhile, it’s Advisable to spread the good news to your loved ones and earn a high commission per each person you referred. Referring people into our business is an extra way to earn more.

What Is Tweet Advert and sponsored advert? 

Tweet Advert is being shared on Twitter social media daily while sponsored advert is being shared on facebook in other to promote roladel. Click on our site menu and open it to read how to share.

 Can I copy post/Article from other websites and post here ?

NO!  We are roladel talent world, we want our users to be creative. so don’t accept any plagiarism work to our platform. If Your post is found Copied,it won’t be approved. Also note that inserting of characters like “Emoji”, “Stickers” on a post content is Highly prohibited and if such post is found to be so, it won’t be justified.

I’m a foreigner (Non Nigerian) Can I register and partake on roladel talent world?

Oh,Yes! Foreigners are highly welcomed on our platform, foreigners can pay for registration in three different methods and also get paid when they request for payment.  Below are the ways foreigners pay for their members

>Through PayPal

>Through Skrill

>Through Bitcoin

>Though the use of coupon code.

Meanwhile, we’re currently working on installing new payment gateways to enable our platform work very efficient.
Click here to contact any of our official coupon code merchants.

What is coupon code?

Coupon code is a secret pin ,mixed with alphabets and numbers which is being given to people that request for it as it’s being given to people who has made the registration payment for it.

 Who are coupon code distributors?

They are official and verified Merchants who’re being assigned and Authorised by The ROLADEL TALENT WORLD to sell and distribute coupon codes to people who may request for it.

What is the difference between RAI and ROI? 

On Roladel talent world! there are  two earning portals, which are referrals and non referral earnings. RAI is where referral earnings records, which stands (Roladel Affiliate Income). And  ROI is where  non referral  earning records, which stands (Roladel offered income)

What is the minimum amount to accrue before placing a withdrawal  request?

Minimum amount to Accumulate before placing a withdrawal for RAI (commission) earning is ₦2,800 which is and it’s being processed and paid daily. While that of non referrals is ₦4,000 and it’s being processed and paid every 27th of each month.

I’m interested, how can I  register?

We thank you for your Understanding and willingness to partner with our business Platform. Please click here to register your account and purchase coupon code from one of our coupon distributor, and hence finalise your registration and start earning today. Still have more questions?

Please Address it to our Official email

                  [email protected]

With devotion, consistency, Diligence, self belief and Discipline,Success is yours!