Facts About Scary Things

The horror genre is the most daring and ambitious of movie genres, it has been steadily gaining fans and admirers over the years. Several blockbuster horror flicks has been released in the 2020’s and has recorded huge successes from fans and critics alike.

Looking at it from a critical eye, they tend to follow a pattern (with the exception of a few), let’s see some of these patterns that are certainly very obnoxious; (try not to take these too serious)

The evil prevails

You sit down and spend a huge chunk of your day that you aren’t getting back to go through a horror flick, only for most if not all your beloved characters, to die and the evil remains still. Sometimes, this leaves you staring at the credits and wondering what it was you just saw. We get the idea they are trying to be traumatic, unpredictable and raw but it is a pattern that has become all too familiar with the genre. Why do all the good people have to die? And the worst part is most of the movies won’t get a sequel; they leave a very big cliffhanger that will keep you coming up with theories in your head.

The priests are always weakened

Why do the priests, 80% of the time always have a bad fate? The evil entity almost always does one over them. Some priests depicted in these movies tend to underestimate what they are dealing with, or is it the directors overestimating the threat? Viz a viz they end up victims themselves.

The characters are sometimes dumb and excessively curious

As a person, your body is wired to take flight first, ask questions later and probably decide to fight back. Tell that to the characters in horror flicks, they know all too well that something is lurking around the corner, but instead of making the wiser choice of running away towards an exit, their curiosity gets the better of them. This sparks hilarious shouts from cinema goers. “what are you doing!” “go back!” but alas they would do the exact opposite.

Adventurous adolescents are easy targets

You will all agree with me that this has been very well explored by horror flicks. A group of young people who like partying and fun decides to visit a forbidden area, a haunted place or a place clearly labeled “do not enter”. When the movie starts such way, do not get too attached to any of them, they become easy targets with lots of screaming and running.

The funny ones are not spared

Sometimes, when you start the movie and see a funny guy or girl, mark him for extermination. He or she will provide the thrills and fun but often meets the most horrible fate at the end, pure gruesome stuff.


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