Best Herbal Medicine For Common Health Problems

Best Herbal Medicine For Common Health Problems
Situations change. The good relationship between patients and health workers has been replaced with fear. Patients are scared of meeting doctors. Doctors on the other hand fear meeting patients. This situation has been brought about by Covid 19. Each party fears being infected by the other. The most troubled people are those suffering from recurring internal infections that needs regular check ups. However, there is an option of using these best working Herbal medicine as a remedy for these four common health problems. The herbs have been proven to give best results.
Herbal remedies for weight loss
Most internal infections result form heavy weight. This could be as a result of the fats in the body. The unburnt fats should be eliminated from the body lest people get health complications like obesity. Here are the best serving herbs for deworming.
This helps in burning calories in the body. When calories accumulate in the body they become toxic and thus may cause obesity. Dandelion leaves deals with the calories that could accumulate in the body. The leaves are crushed and mixed with water. Drink the water twice a day and wait to see the results within 72 hours.
Cayenne Pepper.
This is both a spice and herb. As a spice, it’s used to add flavour to food. It can also be used as herb for reducing body weight as it helps to increase metabolism in the body and burn cholesterol. Since people use different cooking oils and fats that may contain cholesterol, Cayenne Pepper is the best for use. With it, one will not need to go for physical exercises. It has also been working from reducing tummies for ladies.
This may not be interesting at all especially if it interferes with what one loves most. Psyllium reduces hunger in people. When hunger is reduced, the rate of food intake is reduced and thus, the rate of taking in more fats is reduce. This does not mean you need to starve. With psyllium a person will only eat when they really should eat.
Herbal remedies for deworming
Papaya seeds and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are finely ground and mixed with water, either warm or cold. Drink the water early in the morning before eating anything. Avoid drinking water again in the course of the day. Ensure you take at least 120 minutes before eating anything after drinking the papaya seed water. This can be repeated after seven days to deal with tough and resistant worms. Some worms might have also mutated and therefore need a more concentrated papaya seeds water.
Herbal remedies for Asthma
Imagine walking with an inhaler wherever you go. Asthma is one of the most troublesome diseases that no one would wish to suffer. Sometimes even after frequently visiting hospitals, it always keeps on recurring. These herbs can help in regulating Asthma and sometimes, heal the situation.
Ginger and Garlic.
These can be used as one or separate. Grind both Ginger and garlic. Mixed it with warm water and take. Ensure that the herbs are well ground and mixed thoroughly with the water.
Hot caffeine is the best Asthma reliever. When dealing with Asthma, it’s recommend that one sits upright and avoids movements after taking the medicine. Avoid drinking water too lest you dilute the content of the medicine you took.
Herby remedies for Ulcers
Most people use honey for different purposes. Some just enjoy licking it, others use it on bread while others as a food additive. Honey is also used to manage Ulcers. It helps a lot in the case when the ulcer is caused by H. pylori infections. Honey is an antioxidant rich food that helps in healing wounds. With this, stomach ulcers are well taken care of.
Cabbage juice.
Cabbage is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin C. Cabbage juice works similar to lemon juice. Vitamin C is a protective agent for stomach ulcers. Cabbage is ground and mixed with warm water. This is taken twice a day. The results can be seen within 36 hours upon drinking it. It is recommended that cabbage is mixed in water to help in absorption of the properties in the body.
Garlic and Licorice.
Beside being spices for food, garlic and Licorice are also herbs for ulcers. The roots or licorice can be chewed or ground and mixed in warm water. Garlic is also ground and put in water for ten minutes than seived. Drinking the water reduces stomach yours to great levels. Garlic has never smelled nice when not friend. However, for this case, it had to be taken row even with the unpleasant smell.



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