Are You Honoring Or Ignoring Your Value Of Doing What Makes You Happy

People need to learn how to acquire the attitude they need to be happy and successful on all levels of life while enjoying the process. When I write “happy and successful on all levels of life,” I mean just that. Your personal and professional lives make up the whole of you. If you put most of your time and energy on one area, you run the risk of leaving the other unfulfilled. This is especially common among high achievers perhaps you, dear reader.

Someone once said, “Hectic minds create a hectic world” Every now and then, we just have to stop the hectic world and get off for a while. We must never be too busy to take time out from our job and experience other valued parts of ourselves that are so often buried and yearning to be expressed. When our jobs consume us, eventually, in one form or another, there will be a price to pay. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t love what we are doing for a living. In fact, it’s important that we do. And it is essential that we devote quality time toward our job. The problem arises when what we do for a living interferes with our other precious core values.

A core value can be tangible or intangible, like health and fitness, honesty, truthfulness, freedom, courage, spirituality, beauty, goodness, playfulness, self sufficiency, wealth, time to spend as we like and so on. These cherished values need to be experienced and expressed. They give us self worth. Ignoring them for too long can only lead to unhappiness, regardless of how prestigious your profession is, how much money you make or how successful you think you are, how well are you balancing your job and profession with the values that makes you happy?


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