Animals That Were Arrested And Sentenced to Death for Their Crimes

5. Mary The Elephant

We all know about circuses and how their shows and tours have a lot to do with animals, well one circus in 1916, was performing in the little town of Tennessee and her female circus was carrying her trainer on her back, a skinny man named Red Eldridge, on her back. Eldridge had no experience when it comes to animal training, it was his first time with an elephant. So when the Elephant named Mary got distracted by some water melons on the ground, Eldridge whacked her with an iron hook to get her to obey. this was very painful for Mary as she reacted by grabbing Eldridge with her trunk and slamming him on the ground and stepped on his head. Right there, many of those who were present began to call for the head of the Elephant, some even shot at Mary but it simply lodged in her thick hide.

In order to avoid a crisis and financial ruin, the owner of the circus decided advertise Mary’s public execution. it became obvious that the people of Tennessee loved a good show, no matter how negative it is. They showed up in their hundreds at the Erwin, Tennessee, rail yard and they brought a crane to use to as a makeshift gallows and her hoisted the Elephant by the neck with a chain. Although the first chain broke, a thicker one was found and Mary was finally killed the second time.

4. A Bunch Of Bulls

Bulls and humans aren’t exactly friends but humans have always found a way to turn that tense relationship into a sport of some sort. Bullfights are very famous for putting humans in life and death situations and even in modern times, humans have not taken a rest when it comes to fighting bulls and being put in life and death situations such as the famous running of bulls in Pamplona, Spain. However, we all know that bull fighting isn’t new and their records which says that bull fighting has been a part of human history for a long time but even with that, there is a record as far back as 1499, when a bull killed a young boy in the French village of Beapre. The bull was detained and was later charged to the local court where he was sentenced to death for killing the 4 year old teenage boy.

The death of the teenage boy was quite serious and many considered the death of the bulls as justified but there is yet another historic record showing that a bull was sentenced to death in a German town in 1796, when a plague was spreading among cattle and a local veterinarian traced it to a bull.

3. The Baby And The Sniffing Pig

This one is actually really unfortunate as it involves the life of a baby. it happened in 1494, in an abbey in France. During this period, animals and humans didn’t exactly have much boundaries between them and animals felt comfortable entering into the homes of humans. On this particular day, a man left his front door open on a warm day when went to feed the cattle and his wife was busy doing some chores.

The couple left their baby unattended to while it was sleeping in his cradle. Naturally, a pig wandered into the house, sniffing for something to eat when it spotted an infant. The pig proceeded to eat the child’s face and neck. By the time the couple got back into their home, they found a bloody scene and called the authorities. Other people living in the abbey got to know about this and became witnesses to the heinous thing the pig had done. Their neighbors served as witnesses and they backed up their testimonies. The pig was arrested and put in a jail cell. Later, the pig was put on trial for murder and was killed in public by hanging.

2. The Rooster Of Bassel

The ideologies in the late 1400s wasn’t exactly modern and accepted but it was what saw the people around at that time through hard times. One of these many barbaric ideologies is that of the death of an animal because it shows weird signs or deviate from its natural way of life.

Well, in 1474, a rooster laid an egg in Basel, Switzerland and obviously, this shouldn’t be possible since roosters are male but this happened and it left the people around in shock. If this happens now, scientists wouldn’t let go of the animal, performing several experiments on it to find out what makes it different. However, in 1474, the case was a bit different. Since the case was a strange phenomenon, they thought this was the work of the devil. The rooster was put on trial for his crimes against nature and was found guilty. It was sentenced to death and was burned alive. According to reports, the executioner found three more eggs in the rooster after its death.

At that time, many believed that if a rooster laid egg, the egg contained a demonic dragon-chicken hybrid creature of some kind. The creature was then referred to as a cockatrice. others believed that witches used the eggs in their spells. After considering the story, many modern day theorist believe that the rooster was most likely a hen and this is likely never happening again.

1. Dormie Dog

Back in 1921, Sn Francisco was a very different place, pet owners allowed their dogs and cats outside more often than we do now and it was this period that one of the most barbaric things in history happened. A purebred Airedale Terrier named Dormie was caught killing and eating cats around the city. One of the strangest and vicious moments in Dormie’s serial killing was when he ran into the backyard of a family whose cats was feeding her new born kittens. Dormie viciously murdered the cat and some of her babies. By the time Dormie was caught, the authorities found that he was responsible for killing at least 14 cats in the town.

Although the law mandated pet owners to put down their pets if they are found to be dangerous but Dormie’s owner refused to euthanize Dormie rather he hired a lawyer and demanded a trial by jury for his dog’s murderous crimes.




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