1. How was your night

Rather than saying this,it’s better you say

I hope you slept well .

I hope your night was fine

Or you say I hope you had a lovely night rest.

That way it sounds less cheeky and it’s more suitable.

2 . How are you?

Instead of saying this everytime ,it’s better you say ‘ How are you feeling” or how are you doing?

Or what are you doing, I hope you are fine.

This sounds like you care and you are wishing the person well all the same.

3 . To talk of

This word is mostly used by a lot of people ,well maybe they do not know or they say it unaware.

Instead of saying this,it’s better you say “Let alone”,

It sounds better and it shows you are an intellect.

4. So therefore.

This is totally wrong ,it is called a tautology.

That is the unnecessary and usual unintentional use of two words to express the same meaning.

“So ” can be used on it’s own .

“Therefore” can be used on it’s own.

For example: She stole the pen therefore,she should be punished.

She stole the pen so she should be punished .

We can use them individually.

5. Using “were “for “where”.

“Were “means be.

“Where” indicates place .

Choose the right word and use it rightly.

Instead of saying ” I don’t know where is the nearest airport” ,you should say ” I don’t know where the nearest airport is.”.

Thanks for your time.

I hope you have learnt a lot from this


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