3 common things that causes low sperm count

There are many things that men do that reduce their sperm count but there don’t know. Most of this mistakes are traced to food only but some arises from the little things there do on daily basis. Below are some of those mistakes so that you can avoid is if you are guilty.

1.    Placing laptops or computers on your lap

Many believe because it is called laptops, it is meant to be placed on the lap but it has many health effects. Most chips inside the computer and laptops are made from radioactive elements and are continuously emitting radiations hence, when you place them on you laps, this emission goes straight to your testes does destroying you sperm. Always drop your laptops on a table before operating and avoid your lap.

2.    Wearing too tight clothing

Have ever wondered why the male scrotum is positioned outside the body and not inside like the females? The simple reason is sperm production takes place at lower  temperature than that of the body. When you wear too tight cloths especially tight boxers or trousers, you are raising the temperature there thus destroying the sperm been produced.

3.    Alcohol

Alcohol is very dangerous to not only our reproductive health but the liver and kidney when taking in excess. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to deterioration in health and social functioning of body organs. When you take alcohol in excess, you are either welcoming sperm deterioration or liver cirrhosis.


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