Infographics themselves have a great value and can help you amplify your content. It cut down the unnecessary noise to give the readers the actual message with a bit of graphics to make them connected. But, is it easy to make an infographic? You must be wondering if any separate skill is needed to design an infographic. You definitely need some creative ideas but the effort of executing the ideas is a piece of cake if you use a tool. Yes!! There are tools that help you create infographics like a professional. Some of the tools are mentioned below are some of the best tools out in the market that help you design the most effective infographic.


Canva has made a huge impact on the online design space industry. With a walkthrough video “23 Second Guide to Beautiful Design”, your journey at Canva begins. There are multiple options in Canva, irrespective of your moto to design an infographic. Your project could e personal, work related or even social media based; Canva has the right template for any of your project. It is a very power and simple-to-use online tool.


With Visme you can create extraordinary and interactive infographics, presentation, and many engaging contents. It has a vast collection of templates with a huge library of icons and free shapes. The templates are really simple and adorable. The tool saves a lot of your time. You can turn your static infographic into an attractive one with all those built-in animation features that the tool provides.


If you need to develop a data-centric infographic, infogram could be the best choice. The infographics developed on this tool are clear and very easy to read. If you wish to include dynamic infographics, the tool also provides a developer API for developers to embed it to your site. Moreover, these embedded infographics are interactive and responsive so that they look great even viewed on a mobile or a tablet.


So you want to create and publish an infographic but you do not want to design it. If you want someone else to design it. Well, Visually solves your problem. At Visually you can over 100o freelancers that are hand-picked. These freelancers will closely work with your team to deliver the final product you want.


Piktochart has an entire team to design the infographic templates that give you the best appearance in an infographic. On a weekly basis, the templates, icon, charts, maps, photos, and videos are updated. Forget Google to search what you need. You can find everything for your infographic at Piktochart. All the tools are intelligently laid out for you to create an out of the world infographic.


You can find dozens of templates that are free and easily customizable. You can upload your own graphics and with a single touch to place it wherever need. The tool focuses primarily on infographic design. If you are looking only for infographic design this tools will fulfill your purpose without a glitch.


Dipity is a kind of special infographic creation site. It is very much different from the other usual sites. It is a great way to create engaging timelines which can include image, text, audio, video, social media, links, time stamps and location. If you need an infographic based on time sequence this tool is the best. You can use the tool for free, but with a premium plan, you get a wider range of options.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes is an IBM tool and is useful for data visualization. It a flexible tool that allows you to create your own visualizations. Most of the visualizations have discussion boards where you can discuss and comment around a visualization. The tool provides simple designs but the tool can be used to create visuals only for a small or a section of the project.


Venngage like some of the tools discussed above is an easy and simple to use. There are a variety of themes, templates, icons and charts to choose from. You can upload your own backgrounds or images. With Venngage you can also customize any theme so that it suits your organization or brand. The tool also provides the option for you animate the infographics.

Visualize me

Visualize.me is another special type of infographic generator. It is a tool to create an “infographic resume.” You can create your resume in a more attractive way. Moreover, by connecting your LinkedIn account you can pre-populate some of the values from LinkedIn. This tool might mark the beginning of something big as it allows the users to express their data with great visualization impact.

It is well advised to start using infographics for your business if you haven’t yet started on it. The above tools will definitely help you reach the desired outcome. You can go for free as well as paid version of the tools for more exposure to the elements of the tool.



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